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Accounts Payable

The Great Mile’s Accounts Payable Department is capable of processing a diverse nature of invoices, which include trade invoices, non-trade invoices, employee expenses, freight invoices, telephone bills, and credit memos, etc. This service includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Posting invoices in relevant SAP module;
  2. Researching problematic invoices;
  3. Maintaining audit trail of documents posted;
  4. Reviewing and approving staff expenses for compliance with the company’s T & E policy; and
  5. Producing various reports in SAP to identify incomplete orders.
Accounts Receivable

Analytical reviews of lists of accounts receivables and identification of past due balances;

  1. Communication with client Accounts Receivable Departments;
  2. Providing details regarding overdue balances;
  3. Transmitting copies of requested invoices/statements to clients; and
  4. Researching disputed items.
Finance, Accounting and Administration

The Great Mile provides financial reporting that delivers information regarding financial position, performance, and the changes in financial condition of our clients, which are critical in making economic decisions and in the running of a company. This reporting function includes reporting of assets, liabilities, equity, and income and expenses that are directly related to the client’s financial position.

Payroll and Commission

Payroll and PAYE legislation can be tedious, especially if you don’t have the expertise in house. Fortunately payroll can easily be separated from your other accounting activities and outsourced to Premier BPO. Our highly skilled resources will take care of your monthly payroll, overtime payments, bonuses, commission, pension deductions, etc., and will provide you with the necessary pay slips (electronic format) and reports associated with the payroll processing and The Great Mile will also prepare the relevant monthly and annual payroll reports, do the remittances and other submissions. The Great Mile offers a completely confidential and cost-effective Payroll Outsourcing Service that includes:

  1. Preparation of your weekly or monthly payroll calculations;
  2. Executive payroll services;
  3. Advising PAYE, ED Tax , NIS, NHT and HEART liabilities; and
  4. Preparation of SO1, P45s and the Statutory Annual Return (SO2), etc.